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Brown Dog Foundation

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The mission of Brown Dog Foundation is to strengthen the human-animal bond by offering families in temporary financial crisis an alternative to euthanasia when their pet is diagnosed with a treatable, but life-threatening condition or illness. Our Programs are designed to help working class families provide life-sustaining medications, major medical and emergency vet care during a temporary financial crisis. We accomplish this mission by providing guidance and referral to lower cost and alternative treatment options, by allowing pet owners to purchase medications at deep discounts through our pharmaceutical suppliers and by paying the difference between the amount charged by the vet and the amount the family can afford.


Family Pet Fund: The Family Pet Fund was established to provide financial assistance to working class families or middle-income families who find themselves in a temporary financial hardship at a time when their pet requires major medical or emergency treatment to avoid unnecessary euthanasia. Each year, we receive more than 2000 requests for assistance from this fund. : ; Life-Sustaining Medications for families in Temporary Financial Crisis: This Fund was established to assist working poor and middle-income families in temporary financial hardship with the cost of life-sustaining medications and monitoring expenses for pets with pre-existing conditions. When a family experiences a temporary financial crisis, the cost of life-sustaining medications for their pet can be daunting, and often fall to the wayside in lieu of expenditures to keep the family afloat. By purchasing the medications at a reduced rate from our partners SVP Meds and FarmVet, we are able to provide them at minimal cost to the families we help.: ; Advice, Guidance & Referrals (un-funded): In 2011 our Board began to realize that we had learned a great deal about how to find lower cost solutions and even alternative treatments and solutions for many common conditions and illnesses. With Veterinary guidance, we formulated "stock communications" that allow us to offer those seeking assistance with direction to other options. :



Tax Identification Number:20-5387062

IRS CLASSIFICATION: 501(c)(3) Public Charity
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