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100 Days of Giving Big Winner

Chris McCoy is Awarded $50,000 Donation Prize by GiveBack

Chris McCoy is a self described “news junkie”. Every morning before getting out of bed, he reads online news aggregates like Fark, Drudge Report, and Reddit. After discovering the 100 Days of Giving on Reddit and doing a little research on GiveBack, he launched his campaign.

It was day 92 of the 100 Days of Giving.

With only a week remaining, Chris knew he needed to work fast and work smart. The 29 year-old saw the contest as an opportunity to support causes he is interested in, specifically organizations without religious affiliations which support children and communities in need. As a self-described “secular humanist,” he was inspired when he discovered two Reddit “sub-communities” collaborating to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders and World Vision during the last holiday season. The two communities, r/atheism and r/Christianity raised over $64,000. He decided to ignite the r/atheism community of 150,000 for the 100 Days of Giving Contest. In only a few days, “Chris M.” hit the number one slot on the leaderboard.

Early on, Chris knew that if he won the $50,000 award, he would divide the award among several recipients. With the character of a true "Everyday Philanthropist"; he began to learn about the contest participants occupying the number two and number three slots on the leaderboard.

Number two, “Kit C.” (The Giving Circle Fund), had occupied the number one slot before falling to number two behind Chris. After determining Kit was likely to win the award for nonprofit organizations and not walk away from the contest empty handed, he turned to “Erin B.” in the number three slot (Kit Chan did win the $10,000 nonprofit award).

“Erin B.” had been campaigning on behalf of her son, Thor, who has autism spectrum disorder and needs a service dog. To acquire a service dog, each family is responsible for raising a portion of the $22,000 cost. Appreciating Thor’s needs and that Erin had also held the lead in the contest, Chris’ first donation will go to 4 Paws for Ability.

Chris says he thinks "GiveBack is a great idea” and is excited to share it with his internet savvy 89 year-old grandmother who really needs GiveBack to centralize the dozens of charities she gives to.

Congrats, Chris! We are inspired by your generosity.

You truly are an "Everyday Philanthropist"!

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